Our Purpose

Here at GoodLot Farm, we find purpose in building and playing together, so that our community is connected to one-another and the surrounding land which provides for us all. We especially like big belly-laughs and dancing in the fields.

In Pursuit of Carbon Negative: Regenerative Farming and Eco-Brewery

We launched GoodLot Farm in 2010 as an organic hop farm and have since embraced “regenerative carbon farming”. This means we focus our farming practices on sequestering more carbon in our soil than we emit annually. Every decision we make are based on this guiding principle.

We employ a number of strategies to achieve this, chief amongst them:

• We feed our soil, constantly increasing organic matter percentage to support healthy soil biology
• Nutrient and nitrogen dense cover cropping
• Avoid use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
• Avoidance of tilling along with conservative water management practices
• Rotational livestock grazing with our friends, the sheep

We grow eight varieties of hops in a two-acre yard. These varieties include Cascade, Chinook, Nugget, Mt Hood, Willamette, Kent Goldings, Santiam and Vojvodina.  

We also grow and forage many of the added ingredients we play with in seasonal batches, such as elderberries, haskaps, maple sap, beets, calendula, chilies, coriander, rose hips, juniper, spruce tips, sage, yarrow and honey.

GoodLot is working to be a sustainability leader, marrying our organic and regenerative farm practices with beer production that does not contribute to climate change.  We brew in an eco-renovated (air-tight, “passive-haus” standard) converted barn brewery, powered by 20 kW of solar power. Our goal is to be totally “carbon-negative” on site, creating more green energy than we consume annually.