Hyper Local, Farm-Raised Beer!

We strive to demonstrate the Terroir of Ontario. This means we make beer with as many ingredients from local Ontario farms as possible. This starts with 100% Ontario hops in every batch we make.

Our hops come from our farm and our amazing hop farm partners Bighead Certified Organic Hops, Clear Valley Hops, Tavistock Hops, Heritage Hill Hop Yard and Can-Aussie Farm. We also use local malts, mostly from our neighbours down the road at Ontario Malting Group.

By supporting local farmers, we help build resilient local economies which supports our local communities, who are the foundation of supporting local beer.

Many of our beers rotate seasonally, depending on what is available in our fields.


Current Lineup:

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We source our ingredients as locally as possible. It might sound mundane, but you can taste the difference…at least we can.

This is why we support #BrewON – a movement to recognize the quality of partnerships between local hop farms and local breweries.

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