Farm Raised Beer

Welcome to GoodLot Farmstead Brewing. We are the first farm-to-barrel brewery in the Greenbelt – Ontario’s finest agricultural region. We make fresh, super-local, estate-quality ales & lagers, using ingredients raised on our own farm.

GoodLot Brewing is a natural extension of our organic farm. We embrace a holistic approach to agriculture to produce quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. Our beer, inspired by Mother Nature’s bountiful canvas, embodies our values to protect our water, promote soil health and biodiversity, and whole-heartedly support our community every step of the way.

We like big belly laughs while we work and dancing in the fields.

This is the GoodLot Mantra. 

Our Own Hops, Grown on Caledon Mountain

GoodLot Farm was established in 2009 by Gail & Phil Winters. We use hops grown on our farm (Cascade, Nugget, Chinook, Willamette, Mount Hood, Santiam, Vojvodina & Goldings) in combination with locally grown grains and other ingredients grown on and around our farm to create truly local Caledon ales and lagers.

Farm Bottle Shop and Beer Garden

Come on by to enjoy some patio sessions, walk the farm and explore our beer offerings.


Seasonally from May 16th to Oct 14th.

Thursdays 5 – 8p / Oyster Night
Fridays 4 – 7pm / Chef’s Roadhouse
Saturdays 12 – 7pm / Goose + Gander Kitchen
Sundays 12 – 5pm / Alternating: Soulyve + Bistro Breton

Bistro Breton will be serving Sunday Aug 25 / 12pm – 4pm.
We’ve now added OYSTERS on Sundays!
Subject to change due to weather, pls check FB page for updates.


Will be updated as dates roll out.

Aug 23 (4 – 7p) Justin McDonald Band (Folk + Bluegrass)
Aug 24 (4 – 7p) Rag Maple (Folk + Bluegrass)
Aug 25 (1:30 – 4p) The Crawley Family (Folk)
Aug 30 (4 – 7p) Ever Lovin’ Jug Band (Bluegrass)
Aug 31 (4p-7p) Mark Thackway Trio (Bluegrass)

Sep 1 (2 – 5p) Reggae Day
Sep 6 (4 – 7p) Mark Thackway Trio (Bluegrass)
Sep 7
(4 – 7p) Joey Wright (Bluegrass)
Sep 8 (2 – 5p) Joey Wright (Bluegrass)
Sep 13 (4 – 7p) Free Rein (Bluegrass)
Sep 14 (4 – 7p) Andrew Collins Trio (Bluegrass)
Sep 15
(2 – 5p) Switchback Road Band (Bluegrass)
Sep 20
(4 – 7p) Mark Thackway Trio (Bluegrass)

Sep 21 (4 – 7p) Ivan Rosenberg Trio (Bluegrass)
Sep 22 (2 – 5p) Chopped Liver (Bluegrass)
Sep 27 (4 – 7p) Mark Thackway Trio (Bluegrass)
Sep 28 (4 -7p) Kristine Schmitt + Jesse Corrigan (Bluegrass)
Sep 29 (2 – 5p) Unseen Strangers (Bluegrass/Newgrass)

Oct 4 (4 -7p) Delaware Stringband (Bluegrass)
Oct 5 (4 – 7p) Lonesome Ace Stringband (Old Time)
Oct 6 (2 – 5p) Free Rein (Bluegrass)
Oct 11 (4 – 7p) Marck Thackway Trio (Bluegrass)
Oct 12 (4 – 7p) Mark Thackway Trio (Bluegrass)
Oct 13 (2 – 5p) Jay Kipps Band (Roots/Blues/Bluegrass)

Bottle Shop Menu

August 15 – 18th

No new Releases this week.
Caledon Sour is back on tap this weekend.

Draught only
6.2% ABV / 38 IBU / cascade + nugget hops
Based on our much loved Farmstead Ale, this beer was intentionally soured. Giving it a tart flavour. Easy drinking with a dry bitter almost pithy finish. Quite thirst-quenching. A great patio beer.

Draught only
5.5% ABV / 24 IBU / centennial hops
The same malt bill used in our Amber Hop X, but this time we brewed it solely with organic Centennial hops grown on the Bighead Hop yard in Meaford. Deep Amber in colour, aromas of citrus and pine. Flavourful enough for the fans of an IPA but smooth enough for those just beginning their craft beer journey. 

Draught only
4.7 % ABV / 27 IBU / UK Golding hops
50% Canadian wheat and 50% Canadian 2 row Pale Ale Malt, using UK Goldings. Pours hazy like a classic whit,  with a clean white head. Very approachable, easy drinking beer with a dry finish. This is the summer beer – refreshing, subtle flavours and dry enough you’ll want a second. Hops from Clear Valley Hops.

473ml can + draught
6.2% ABV / 38 IBU / cascade + nugget hops
This smooth golden pale ale features our organic Cascade and Nugget hops, it has a soft body with a sweet back bone. Not excessively bitter, with hard to pin down notes of apricot, lychee, and tangerine. Easy drinking, yet incredibly flavourful.

473ml can + draught
6.2% ABV / 69 IBU / cascade, nugget hops
Based on our flagship Farmstead Ale, the malt bill is the same, however we doubled the hops. A big flavour bomb, all about hops and bitterness using Ontario cascade and nugget hops. Beautiful smooth finish.

473 ml can
5.2 % ABV / 65 IBU / Galena hops
This black and bitter ale was made with local malts, and hopped with Galena hops for bittering, and Centennial and Cascade hops for flavour and aroma. Smooth, rich and wonderful ale for any occasion, with a lovely bittering finish. Dark, gorgeous and unique.

473ml can only
6% ABV / 16 IBU / Magnum and Hallertau hops
This is a traditional German lager, known to be dark, malty and lightly hopped. This beer has been lagering in tank for 12 weeks at low temperature. Copper coloured, malt forward beer with a dry finish, brewed with Magnum hops for bittering and Hallertau hops for aroma/flavour.  Hops from Clear Valley Hops.

Draught – rotational tap
This tap line is in constant rotation, and dedicated to our experimental brews. We’re so fortunate to have land not only for our hops but also for our brewers experimental garden. In order to have a taste of these farm fresh, seasonally inspired ingredients and the terroir of our region join us in our beer patio and come quick, as they don’t tend to pour long.



In Addition…

Our Flagship, Farmstead Ale, an American Pale Ale 6.2% ABV, can be found in Restaurants and Bars in and around Southern Ontario. From Caledon to Collingwood, and Stratford to Toronto.  It can also be purchased at select LCBO’s in the same geographic region.

Please contact us if you’re looking for a specific location or would like further details about our beer offerings and pricing.

Supporting Our Local Hop Community

Proud member of BrewON, featuring Breweries, who create recipes that use all-Ontario hops. All of our beers, so far have been made with the use of 100% Ontario Hops.  Look for the BrewON Logo if you’re seeking a truly local taste.

We are proud to partner with these fellow Ontario Hop Growers:

Meet the Gang

The folks at GoodLot are community builders, always striving to expand the circle for all to share. We love creating deeper connections with our neighbours, other farmers and brewers, and are seriously grateful for good beer, good laughs and the dirt under our nails.

L – R:  Raina Milnes, Gail Winters, Zac Tremaine, Ryan Brownrigg, Jordann Murray, Phil Winters, Steve Fruitman.


Beer Sales &
Community Stuff:
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Farm Manager:
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Our Address:
18825 Shaws Creek Rd
Caledon, Ontario
Canada L7K 1L3
office (519) 927-5881

Thursday 2pm – 8pm
Friday 2pm – 8pm
Saturday 12pm – 8pm
*Sunday 12pm – 6pm

Open from 12pm – 4pm.